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It's Really About YOU

At the end of the day, it truly is all about you and your business. Our desire is to use our combined 30+ years of online and offline printing & digital marketing experience to create a highly targeted and customizable marketing strategy which helps you to serve more customer or clients in your local area.

We have a team of strategists, marketing professionals, graphic designers, analyists and developers who are available to build out a complete system to serve you today and evolve with your business as you grow.

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Marketing In A Digital Age

We specialize in developing systems and strategies which thrive in an online environment so that your business is visible where your audience dwells. 

We have our finger on the pulse of digital marketing, uncovering new technologies and attraction methods and manipulating them to work with our client's marketing objectives.

We are NOT an Advertising Agency. 

Advertising is a dying strategy which is slowly but surely going away. No one wants to be SOLD TO anymore. 

We are an Attraction and Excitement Agency.

Our goal is to attract your ideal audience, then educate, engage, and excite this audience so YOUR BUSINESS becomes the one they think of, talk about, and recommend to others.  

Building on Traditional Print Marketing

Digital is a big part of what we do, but we know that there is still a place for traditional offline marketing collateral. Many people still prefer and expect tangible, real-world marketing pieces like brochures, business cards, signs, postcards and sell sheets. 

Rather than eliminate what you know is working, it is our goal to build on what you're already doing and aplify your messaging into a complete multi-front marketing strategy.

We'll build on pre-existing messaging and evolve it across many platforms so you can reach people in the way they choose.

DesPriMa's roots are in Print Collateral and we know this area extremely well. We are confident we can support your offline messaging with the same level of expetise we bring to online.

Comprehesive Reports... Anywhere

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Good marketing requires more than putting the right message in the right place. It requires consistent testing, monitoring, and optimization. All of our marketing programs include comprehensive reporting on traffic and behavior so that we can improve what's not working and aplify what is. 

The right message to the right audience is cost effective and easier to multiply.

Our reporting is easy to read, easy to navigate, and mobile. See how your doing in real-time, wherever you are, on any device. No more wondering how things are going at 2am on a Sunday. 

Allowing our clients to see what we see gives us the ability to have highly productive conversations with our clients, so we can help them improve their marketing message and attract even more leads.

Ready to Work with Us?

We'd love to work with your business to develop a strategic and comprehensive marketing plan built for short term acceleration and long term growth.

Our Process

Since our marketing systems require intense research and dedication, we only work with select client who are truly ready and committed to taking their business to the next level. 

This allows us to maintain a high level of service to the clients we serve.

Are you ready to make the committment?

If you need a system that gets short-term results quickly while building a long-term strategy AND you are 100% committed to a real marketing program, both online and off, we want to work with you.

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Comprehensive and Strategic Marketing for Your Local Business

DesPriMa DM is a full-service marketing agency working with select local business owners who want to make a bigger impact and serve more customers / clients / patients locally or around the globe.

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Your Complete DM Agency

Intentional Digital Marketing Strategies to Help You Attract and Captivate a Local Audience of Your Ideal Customers or Clients.

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Attract a Local Audience

Our core competency is attracting YOUR ideal clients or customers in your desired local area; even in a sea of competition.

nurture local customer

Nurture & Educate

We develop custom messaging so you can build trust and authority with your new audience through education.

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Grow Through Consistency

Our long-game approach helps you to build a loyal and highly engaged customer base who will return again and again.

Strategy Based Turn Key Solutions with a Hands-Off Approach

We know your business is your passion and you need to step away from the constant burden of finding and retaining new customers so you can find that passion once again and serve your customers or clients fully.

Our strategic and highly targeted marketing solutions allow you to get back to the work you love while having the peace of mind that new qualified, local leads are coming in each day. 

  • A stream of highly qualified prospects every day
  • Return customers each week. 
  • Consistent growth & profits each month.
  • Automated, Hands-Off Systems 
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Attract and Delight YOUR Ideal Local Customer

Who We Serve

medical spa marketing

Medical Spas

We help facilitate attracting luxury buyers with disposable income who are in your area and already actively seeking MediSpa services.

Cosmetic Dentistry Marketing

Cosmetic Dentistry

We work with local cosmetic dentists as well as other professional, local personal care specialists to establish a consistent flow of new prospects.

Local Restaurant Marketing

Dine-In Restaurants

We work to establish your local presence and create a returning customer base who evolve into raving fans and local ambassadors.

high end boutique marketing

High End Boutiques

Helping attracting highly qualified, local shoppers who meet the needs of luxury boutique owners in year-round and seasonal environments.  

Most Local Brick and Mortar Businesses

If you serve a local market and are looking to develop a long-term marketing strategy to attract and engage customers or clients in your area, we would love to work with you! 

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